Scrivener Unleashed For iOS by David Lee Martin

Scrivener Unleashed For iOS

Are You Ready to Go Mobile With Scrivener for iOS and Unleash Your Writing Projects?

Expert training for Scrivener for iOS - Streamline and sync all of your writing projects, and set free your creativity like never before!

Eagerly anticipated by millions of Scrivener fans, the iOS mobile version of Scrivener does not disappoint!

The iOS app takes the best of the desktop version, streamlining it into an easy to use app that makes writing on your mobile devices a breeze. 

A Perfect App For Writers and Content Creators

Scrivener for iOS is a full-fledged writing and note-taking app that outstrips most others for flexibility and functionality. It can be used with or without the accompanying desktop for all your writing projects.
The greatest benefit is of course the seamless syncing of your projects across all of your devices and your desktop, freeing you to develop your creative writing projects on-the-go. But the iOS app is so much more than this!

No more copying and pasting from one app to another, relying on third party apps to cobble together a mobile solution, or, as many so often do, writing on iPad and then emailing documents back and forth to continue working on them in the Scrivener desktop app.

Everything now works together with seamless perfection, syncing directly through Dropbox and ensuring that your work is never lost in transit.

The same intimate attention to detail you find in the desktop Scrivener software, and a clear understanding of the writer's needs, are carefully  implemented into the mobile app, finally making writing and editing across devices a dream.

Coupled together with its desktop partner Scrivener for iOS is an unbeatable powerhouse for writers and content creators everywhere.

Your Scrivener For iOS Coach

David Lee Martin has a proven track record of producing training materials that actually get RESULTS for his students.

He is a no-fluff teacher with years of experience, who loves helping others move swiftly down their own unique pathway to success.

48 Easy to follow video lessons teaching you everything you need to know to rock with Scrivener for iOS.

Module Five: Labels & Status Stamps (3 Lessons)
Key components to set up, view and use your labels and status stamps like a pro.

Module Six: Working With Text (6 Lessons)
The meat and bones of Scrivener - all you need to know about working with text in the Scrivener app, with lots of timesaving tips.

Module Seven: Other Goodies (6 Lessons)
A medley Scrivener iOS goodness such as setting and tracking project and session writing goals, using the extended keyboard (super ninja!), inserting images and links and more...

Module Eight: Compiling Your Projects (3 Lessons)
Bringing it all together in beautifully compiled documents, and then exporting them for use in other programs or for publication.

Module One: Before You Begin & Syncing Set Up (5 Lessons)
This module makes sure you have everything set in place for success. A few important things you will want to do before you begin writing. The key thing here is making sure your syncing is set up correctly so you can work seamlessly between devices.

Module Two: Your First Project (6 Lessons)
A rundown of essential skills to create, manage and set preferences for your Scrivener projects on iOS.

Module Three: Working With Files & Folders in Your Project (16 Lessons)
Everything you need to know about arranging and working with files and folders in your projects.

Module Four: Document Notes, Synopsis, Footnotes & Comments (3 Lessons)
Using the document inspector to its full capacity with comments, footnotes, synopsis and notes.

ADDED BONUS - Scrivener for iOS Shortcuts

If you are using a bluetooth keyboard with your iOS device you have the opportunity to speed your creative process and utilize keyboard shortcuts. Every shortcut is collected here in our beautifully designed quick reference sheet.

This course is for you if...

  • You want to learn the power of Scrivener for iOS and put it to work for your own writng projects.
  • You are tired of time consuming workarounds and want a truly seamless writing workflow that syncs your important work across devices.
  • You like to learn quickly and thoroughly the tips and techniques that you will actually put to use as a writer and publisher.

And is NOT for you if:

  • You are happy to continue with less than adequate workarounds for going mobile with your writing.
  • You don't have an iOS device on which to use Scrivener for iOS. 
  • You prefer to remain tethered to your desktop and don't want the freedom that the mobile app offers hardworking writers.

Here's what students are saying about David's training...

"David Martin is truly the best instructor that I could have asked for with Scrivener, and his teaching leaves me feeling like I have had a personal one-on-one explanation by a passionate writer who also knows his tools very well."
Brian Elam
"David Lee Martin nails it! No fluff, no hype, just value you can put to work immediately."
Troy Shaffer
“David knows how to teach well and keep it clean and to the point.”
Rahul Sharma

Set yourself free to roam and take your creative projects with you using what you learn in the new Scrivener For iOS Unleashed training.

All of these bite-size easy-to-digest lessons are included...

Welcome To Scrivener For iOS Unleashed
Before We Begin...
3 mins
An Introduction to Scrivener For iOS
11 mins
Connect To Dropbox
5 mins
Syncing Files Between Desktop and iOS
8 mins
Scrivener for iOS - Syncing
8 mins
Adding Previously Created Files To Your Sync Folder
2 mins
General App Settings
2 mins
Your First Project
The First Time You Open Scrivener iOS
2 mins
Opening Your First Project
2 mins
Project Settings
3 mins
Moving Projects From Your iPad to Dropbox and Visa Versa
2 mins
Saving Your Projects
1 min
Deleting a Project
1 min
Working With Files And Folders In Your Project
Adding New Folders And Documents To Your Binder
2 mins
Importing Files Into Scrivener iOS
6 mins
Deleting Files
2 mins
Moving Files And Folders Within Your Binder
4 mins
Changing The Title Of A Document
2 mins
Changing Files To Folders And Folders To Files
2 mins
Moving a File Into a New Folder
2 mins
Changing Icons
3 mins
Adding Files Inside Folders
1 min
Duplicating Items
1 min
Merging Documents
2 mins
Splitting Documents
1 min
Bookmarking Items In The Binder For Easy Access
2 mins
Access Recent Documents
1 min
Viewing All Documents In Your Draft Together
2 mins
Document Notes, Synopsis, Footnotes And Comments
Adding Notes To A Document
2 mins
Adding a Synopsis
2 mins
Adding Comments and Footnotes
4 mins
Labels & Status Stamps
Adding Labels And Status Stamps To A Project
1 min
Showing Labels And Status Stamps In Your Project Binder And Corkboard
2 mins
Creating New Labels And Status Stamps
3 mins
Working With Text In Your Project Documents
Find & Replace In The iOS App
3 mins
Formatting Your Text Basics
2 mins
Copy & Paste Formatting
2 mins
Apply Default Formatting
1 min
Create a New Default Format
2 mins
Undo & Redo
1 min
Other iOS Goodies
Dark Mode
2 mins
Setting And Tracking Session And Project Targets
2 mins
Speed Your Workflow and Formatting Using The Extended Keyboard
3 mins
Adding Images To Your Projects & Documents
1 min
Adding Links in a Document
2 mins
Using a Bluetooth Keyboard and Shortcut Keys
3 mins
Scrivener for IOS Shortcuts PDF
204 KB
Compiling Your Scrivener For iOS Project
Sending And Opening Your Scrivener Documents In Another App
3 mins
Compiling Your Final Manuscript
8 mins
Thank you