Lessons From The Self-Publishing Trenches Bundle by David Lee Martin

Lessons From The Self-Publishing Trenches Bundle

A complete self-publishing bundle of in-depth manuals by successful self-publisher and creativity coach David Lee Martin. Essential training for indie authors and entrepreneurial creative writers everywhere.

This powerful bundle has the potential to transform your writing and publishing business, and sky-rocket royalties into the stratosphere!

Lessons From The Self Publishing Trenches II

Revealed... Short Read Publishing Secrets that took indie author to $652,766 in just 3 years!

Kindle Publishing is Still a Wide Open Opportunity For Anyone Willing to Learn & Work Hard (that includes YOU!)

Win Big With Ghostwriters & Virtual Assistants

Learn... the MOST IMPORTANT SKILL you can grasp as a self-publisher and online marketer

Of all the skills you will learn in your self-publishing journey, finding out how to source and hire talented writers, cover-creators, editors and virtual assistants will be the most impactful on your time, income and business!

Author Email Listbuilding Recipe Book

What if you could hit #1 bestseller with one press of the send button?

Learn Rapid Author List Building Techniques & the Secrets of Keeping Subscribers Clicking Your New Release & Offer Links

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What's included?

Author Email List Building Recipe Book

Lessons From the Self-Publishing Trenches II - From zero to over $652,766 as a self published author on Kindle - here’s how!

Win Big With Ghost Writers and Virtual Assistants

Are you ready for a change? Here's what other customers and coaches are saying about this training...

"The stuff David teaches in this guide works. I read it. I applied it. I kept at it and after just over a year, I'm on the verge of leaving my 9 to 5. This isn't a magic pill but a business model that will require some financial investment and perseverance. I also love the fact that I'm having so much fun while doing it and the joy of seeing my business grow."
Maurice C
"No sleaze, no loopholes, and nothing left out. He stresses integrity and quality in every step of the process.
If you're a new-ish author (or one who's trad published and utterly fed up with 25-cents-per-book royalties), this is the ONLY time I've seen a genuinely successful indie author share ALL the details of what works and what doesn't. It's explained, step-by-step, with total transparency. It's nearly impossible to find any single report so forthright and reliable."
Eileen Eilis Morey
"This training is AMAZING! It is so inspiring, to read that a "regular" person can actually achieve success in this business. There are so many "get rich quick" schemes out there, and it is refreshing to come across someone who will give it to you straight, and show you the actual steps it takes to become successful. Kudos to you, David, and I can't wait to start implementing everything I have learned from your training!"