How to Write Inspirational Fiction: The Hero's Journey Bootcamp by David Lee Martin

How to Write Inspirational Fiction: The Hero's Journey Bootcamp

Build your inspirational fiction story using the proven Hero's Journey framework. A deep dive course in short story writing with David Lee Martin & Bonnie Johnston.

Heartfelt tales with spiritually uplifting themes and storylines sell really well to hungry audiences in many popular categories and genres

In fact, religious and inspirational books are some of the best-selling on Amazon. Numerous sub-genres serve a vast audience of hungry readers looking for positive, faith-filled stories that are clean, wholesome and carry a powerful message of encouragement. This course will show you a popular framework you can use to create your own fictional books and enjoy your slice of this huge and inspirational writing and publishing opportunity. 

Here's an example from David's publishing showing one month's royalties publishing inspirational fiction...

This is not typical, nor can these kind of results be guaranteed, but they do show what's possible with a little know-how and lots of hard work.

This shows April 1st to 30th income, and sits at the high end of my average monthly royalties from short, inspirational fiction titles averaging 20K words. So far, this year from 1st January until 5th May I have made $82,983.01 from Amazon alone.

20+ Multimedia Training Lessons

Easy-to-follow lessons on genre tropes, world building, character development and the 12 stages of the Hero's Journey, specifically adapted for inspirational fiction. Each stage is cleverly broken down into a series of questions, with an example story built before your eyes as you progress through the course.

Take your own hero's journey with writing coach Bonnie Johnston to your first inspirational short story or novella

There are only a handful of enduring storytelling frameworks that bestselling authors use again and again. The most popular and powerful of these is known as The Hero's Journey.

The Hero's Journey taps something deep in the human the human heart, commanding an emotional response that keeps readers turning page after page.

The heartfelt Hero's Journey frame is a perfect choice for inspirational fiction.

In this powerful story writing course every stage of this classic framework is broken down into simple steps, allowing you to build your story step-by-step and stage-by-stage to the thrilling climax.

After laying your story-world foundation, you will use a specially formulated series of questions for each stage, and clear video, audio and written training, leading to the thrilling climax of your tale.


Your purchase includes valuable bonuses including specially created reuseable worksheets in that you can utilize again and again as you map out and develop your inspirational stories using the Hero's Journey frame, and a complete mini-course, Scrivener For Fiction.


A simple yet powerful set of questions that will help you brainstorm your story idea, story world, and key characters. Use this worksheet again and again to explode, record and cement your inspirations.

OUTLINING YOUR STORY - Brainstorming Questions Worksheet

Answer this series of questions for each stage of the Hero's Journey and you will put flesh on the bones of your story, bringing your ideas effortlessly to life.


Map out the journey of your protagonist and their heroic journey to the very last, 'Amen'. Chart each of the 12 stages of the Hero's Journey using this carefully prepared set of prompts.

Dead Simple Genre Research Tips For Savvy Indie Authors

Genre research does not need to be 'rocket science'. The art of uncovering potentially profitable sub-genres and categories is actually quite simple. In this short report David shares the foundational process he goes through before digging deeper. Getting the basics in place so you don't get caught in paralysis or analysis is paramount. David also shares his #1 resource for more detailed category and genre gold digging.

EXCLUSIVE BONUS: Scrivener For Fiction Mini-Course

  • A full hour of training in Scrivener specifically for fiction writing. 
  • Learn the benefits of Scrivener to organise your book projects.
  • Discover helpful but sometimes hidden features that make your research, story building and actual writing wonderfully manageable and enjoyable.
  • Ensure you never lose a word with annotations and revisions!
  • INCLUDES 50% off the full Scrivener Unleashed courses!

👍🏻 Just a few of the things you will learn...

  • Genre Elements and tropes.
  • Character archetypes, and how to use them.
  • The story scaffold and how to keep your story from falling into common writing pits.
  • Understanding the essential building blocks of a story, and how to connect them to keep the story moving forward.

  • The 2 key guidelines for compelling character goals.
  • The 5 levels of 'Why' 
  • The 2 sides of every backstory you absolutely must include in your books.
  • 5 types of struggle that add weight and stakes to your story.
  • Researching and developing your story world whilst avoiding time-consuming rabbit holes.
  • What to do before you even begin to outline or write your first line!
  • EVERY stage of the Hero's Journey explained with a video/audio/PDF training for each with an actual short story example being built as you progress through the course.

Your Inspirational Storytelling Coaches

David Lee Martin

David is a self-publishing expert with an ability to boil down the things that lead to success into easy-to-follow trainings. He teaches only what he does himself in his own writing and publishing business, so is perfectly positioned to pass the things that are working on to others.

Bonnie Johnston

Bonnie Johnston is a writing mentor with a passion for teaching fiction writers how to increase the emotional impact of their stories at, through courses like How to Plot a Series that Rocks, How to Write Powerhouse Scenes, and Story Endings That Satisfy. She's all the creator of Writing Blueprints' fiction editing course, Manuscript Magic.

Everything you will receive in this fabulous fiction writing package...

  • Complete 20 video Hero's Journey Inspirational Fiction training with Bonnie Johnston (VALUE $199)
  • Scrivener For Fiction Writers - 1 hour of training in the benefts of Scrivener for fiction writing and research (VALUE $29)
  • Brainstorming Your Story Idea Worksheet (VALUE $19)
  • Outlining Your Story Worksheet (VALUE $19)
  • The Hero's Journey Template Worksheet (VALUE $29)
  • Dead Simple Genre Research - This will save you hours of frustration! (VALUE $20 plus all that procrastination!)

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