5 Minute Covers - 300+ Editable Professional Design Book Covers by David Lee Martin

Watch Closely as We Create a Unique Cover In Less Than 5 Minutes!

You won't believe how SIMPLE and it is!

You Never Get a Second Chance ... to Make a FIRST IMPRESSION!

First Impressions Matter!

Did you know that potential customers form an opinion about your book in LESS than 3 seconds…?

In fact, studies have shown that the average person makes a decision about a website (or in your case – an ebook) in a matter of MILLISECONDS.

About 50 MILLISECONDS…to be exact. Research straight from none other than Google suggests it may be as low as 17 Milliseconds!

Bottom line – If you want your books to sell, your cover will be the doorway that readers walk through. Better covers equal better sales!

A good graphic designer will normally charge several hundred dollars for an ebook cover...and a GREAT designer will charge THOUSANDS!.

That's just for ONE cover!

There's a simple reason for this... Designing a high quality cover from scratch is time-consuming, detail-oriented, and takes a certain level of creativity and training that the average person just doesn't have. That's why they are paid a "KING's RANSOM" for their work!

Finally There's an Easy Way For the Average Person to Create Stunning, Eye-Popping Covers Like a Pro!

"5 Minute Covers" makes it so simple that just about anyone can design an eye-popping, professional book cover... even if you have little to no experience!

Your book will LOOK like it was published by Big Publishing company - giving you instant credibility with potential customers.

Plus, you can easily customize the templates to make them UNIQUE...

No one will ever know that you're using templates and simply be blown away by the professional look of your books.

5 Minute Covers - 300+ Editable Professional Design Book Covers

Take a Look at What REAL Customers Are Saying About "5 Minute Covers"...

"Just wanted to let you know I have finished downloading "5 Minute Covers", and talk about "over-delivering!" WOW! I've already begun using the PSD files for Facebook and Kindle. What a great product at a terrific price! Worth so, so much more! Thanks!"
Jan Myers
"I purchased "5 Minute Covers" - and these templates are beyond description...great templates. Plus, easy to follow tutorials are provided on how to customize them with Photoshop. You will not be undersold at all! If you want to make a great first impression with your book, then you NEED these covers."
Bill McBride
"All I can say is WOW!  "5 Minute Covers" is an AWESOME / TREMENDOUS RESOURCE!!! I have spent thousands of $$$ on "shiny objects" but I have to say that
"5 Minute Covers" is the BEST purchase I ever made!!!

I do NOT know how you managed to put together this package but
kudos to you for a job well done!"
Pamela Cox

Just Take a Look at The Templates Included...

Your investment in 5 Minute Covers will deliver literally hundreds of professionally designed covers for you to freely use and edit, plus gigabytes of extra graphic resources - all for a one-time price!

Words that our customers use to describe the value of this package are "AWESOME", "IMPRESSIVE", "WOW!"

Scroll down to see what's inside...

Bundle #1 Covers

60 fully-editable professional covers suitable for fiction and non-fiction.

Bundle #2 Covers

Bundle #3 Covers

Bundle #4 Covers

Bundle #4 also includes hi-res print ready versions of most covers

Check out these stunning examples below.

PLUS... 60 More Amazing Bonus Covers To Add To Your Collection!

This bonus package adds another 60 professional covers to your collection 
Once you are inside you will be able to download this massive bonus that we offer to every purchaser of the 5 Minute Cover bundle.

5 Minute Covers - License Terms

Licensed Uses...

  • CAN be edited
  • CAN be used for unlimited personal AND client use
  • CAN pass to your designer to edit the template for you or a client

Restricted Uses...

  • CANNOT resell the actual templates (source files)
  • CANNOT pass on your Developer License
  • CANNOT sell resell rights or private label rights
  • CANNOT be given away

What Can "5 Minute Covers" Do For You...? Let's Take a Look...

Professional Look = Instant Credibility

"A picture says a thousand words..."

Most customers buy based on their first impression and "gut feeling", a perfect cover means more sales. Which will shoot you up the Amazon rankings!

Spend Your Money on Other Stuff...

The money you save on your cover can be spent on other important stuff - like marketing and promotion.

Or allow you to spend more on a good writer, if you outsource the writing part of things.

Hiring a Designer Can Be a PAIN...

It can be stressful and frustrating.

They often disappear for long periods of time and don't answer emails...or tack on hidden fees for source files and edits...and some just flat out take your money and run!

When it comes to covers, "good enough" is not good enough...

Sadly, this is how many authors handle their covers. They look at their amateur, unprofessional cover and think "Good Enough!".

Customers don't think that way. You NEED a killer cover to sell your book...better yet, your book DESERVES it.

Oh, So Affordable...

Do the quick math "5 Minute Covers" contains 300+ templates and you can grab it today for only $199... That's less than a dollar per cover!

Easily less than your favorite chocolate bar...and a lot less than you'd have to fork over to a designer.

You can finally say "NO" to awful unprofessional covers!

"Just Say No!" to crummy covers!

Let's rid the world of covers that make customers eyes bleed. Now with "5 Minute Covers" there is no excuse to have a cover that sends customers running the other direction in disgust.

As Part of This Special Offer...You Also Receive These Added Bonuses!

BONUS #1 - Vector Cover Secrets

Are you ready to discover the secrets to creating amazing, professional covers using vector graphics?

"Vector Cover Secrets" will show you how just about anyone can easily create professional covers like this for $1...or less!

Regularly you would need to purchase this as a separate product, but you get the complete "Vector Cover Secrets" package as part of this special offer.

Also included are 25 more templates and a massive package of vector style graphics to use on your cover creations and elsewhere!

BONUS #2- Giant Design Bundle

Literally thousands of graphic resources, too many to list here. Everything from Buy Buttons to Facebook Cover Images, Mockups & 3D Book Templates to Web Design elements

So much to explore and discover for use in your books, on your websites, in adverts and beyond!

BONUS #3 - Mike and Maggie Mascot Kit

Cartoon mascots and characters lower the defenses of your customers.

Think about it...we've all been conditioned to respond this way to cartoons since we were CHILDREN!

And it's exactly WHY some of the world's largest companies use cartoons and characters in the marketing and advertising.

The "Mike & Maggie Mascot Kit" contains 2 easily customizable PSD files along with some ready-to-use PNG files as well. It's just another great tool you can use!

BONUS #4 - Elite Mascot Creator

Use this mascot graphics kit to create high-quality mascot characters for your book covers, blog, Facebook, etc.

Simple and easy to use...

Easy to customize... and even comes with Developer Rights.

Bonus #5 - 50 More Covers!!!!!

300+ covers not enough for you? Looking for covers for your freebies and giveaways?

This massive package of 50 editable covers is being thrown in absolutely free of charge!