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I'm a passionate follower of Jesus, a successful self-publisher and an accomplished teacher and trainer. I teach publishing, productivity, simplicity and prayer so I'm certain you will find something to suit your needs. Scroll down to browse my content. 

How to Write Inspirational Fiction: The Hero's Journey Bootcamp

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Scrivener 1 Unleashed For Windows

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Get Started With Scrivener - 30 Minute Quick Start Guide to Scrivener

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Lessons From The Self-Publishing Trenches Bundle

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Scrivener Unleashed For Mac V3

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Scrivener Unleashed For iOS

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Tabernacle Prayer School

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Tabernacle Prayer Guide

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Tabernacle Prayer Interactive Audio Walkthrough

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Win Big With Ghost Writers and Virtual Assistants

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Author Email List Building Recipe Book

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Lessons From the Self-Publishing Trenches II

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Dancing Through the Tabernacle Online Workshop

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Activating Prophetic Movement

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Building God's Team of Dancers eBook Bundle

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Dancing God's Way Complete Book & Video Course Package

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